Brisbane function venue

Functions Catered for by the Sincopa Trio Band

If you live in Australia then you must have heard of the trio band Sincopa.

Made up of a DJ, Saxophonist and Percussionist the band has spiralled from being just a band to being the Band today and catering for every Brisbane function requirement. They are popular with all forms of music entertainment requirements catering for wedding receptions, parties and concerts among many other music and dance requirements in the market today.

The Band Trio give time out to meet fans and sign autographs and other memorabilia

Brisbane function venuesWhat’s sets Sincopa apart from other bands and has helped spiral them to the leaders board is their almost predictable ability to turn entertain a crowd and also take time out to meet fans and sign autographs and other memorabilia. This is a major benefit for the fan since many get to talk, touch and get something from the band thus making them popular among young Australian fans.

Constantly moving around the country and a ever growing popularity on a daily basis means booking the band is getting more difficult now so planning to do so know will ensure you experience their bands music at you special occasion.


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